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SASSI was started in 2008 and will focus primarily on the conservation and preservation of the Cape Fur Seal.

Our main objectives are to:

  • Raise awareness about the ongoing conflict between the Cape Fur Seal and humans in Southern Africa.
  • Develop, publicise and advocate constructive methods to protect the Cape Fur Seal.
  • Develop, publicise and advocate ways for the Cape Fur Seal and humans to co-exist harmoniously in all areas.
  • Educate the public on harmonious co-existence with the Cape Fur Seal.
  • Develop a working partnership with government for the enforcement and improvement of the current conservation law.
  • Raise funds to further these objectives and to sustain the organisation and its future objectives.

Our secondary objectives will be to:

  • Establishing rescue and rehabilitation facilities with governmental approval in the long term
  • Establishing with governmental approval disentanglement teams and marine debris clean up systems
  • Developing management plans to minimize harm to the Cape Fur Seal

Did you know?

Statistics show that between 53 000 and 70 500 people visit the seal colonies in Namibia every year, generating N$2-million in foreign earnings.

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Charity Registration Number - 064890

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